I want to remove my battery entirely and keep my laptop plugged in at all times...

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I want to remove my battery entirely and keep my laptop plugged in at all times...

Hi, I have a Laptop Satellite M45-S331, I never move my laptop around the house or have used outside, so I have decided to use this laptop as a desktop (stationary) a router will be connected for wireless conections; here is the question I going to keep it plugged in at all times and remove the battery entirely, by doing this will I hurt my laptop? Since I bought my laptop the left side gets really hot  when I use my laptop pugged in, and when I try to use use just the battery although reads 100% full capacity, it run out of power in less than a hour. The battery has not use for me; should I let it drain and remove the battery entirely and keep it plugged in? I do not want to damage my laptop, Please help!!

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Re: I want to remove my battery entirely and keep my laptop plugged in at all times...

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You can use the computer without the battery installed. Remember it's also a battery backup in case you accidentally unplug the power cable or if your neighborhood looses power. Without a battery, your computer will instantly shut off if the power is lost - and this can corrupt the hard drive files.


Some computers run hot and it's not the battery causing it  Before the recent low voltage dual core CPUs became popular in notebooks (which has been in the last year) some notebook computers ran hot - especially the single core cpus that were up in the 3.0 Ghz range. Here's what you can about that if this is the case with yours.


1. About the battery: If you are sure the battery is running hot, remove it immediately (and call Toshiba tech support) as that can be an indication of a malfunction in the battery. Malfunctioning batteries can cause a fire or get so hot that they damage your computer. There is a recall for Sony batteries and the information for it can be reviewed by clicking on this link: http://www.csd.toshiba.com/cgi-bin/tais/support/jsp/bulletin.jsp?soid=1501060


2.About the cooling system: Some computers have cooling fans or vents in the bottom. If you have these and you put the computer on your lap or on a soft surface while it's running, the cooling system may not work effectively. Make sure you have unobstructed cooling: Check the cooling vents (bottom, rear and sides) to ensure they are clear of debri such as pet hair or dust buildup.  If you need to clean your vents, shut the computer off first, unplug it from all connecting cables and use a vacuum to remove the buildup. If you blow into the vents, you will blow it right into the computer where it can make the problem worse.


3. Many notebooks have a CPU speed setting. It can be set to high and always high, to "dynamic" which increases the CPU only if needed or to a low speed setting. The dynamic setting will help the computer to run a little cooler and is the default setting in most notebooks. Typically, you can find a Toshiba power setting utility in the Control panel that will let you change the CPU default speed.


This is more information than you asked for but I thought it might be helpful. 



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Re: I want to remove my battery entirely and keep my laptop plugged in at all times...

Storing the battery, when no longer needed, is OKAY to achieve, just insure 100% charge rate when removed. Your mention of low usage at full charge-run on battery till alarm indicator comes on, then allow for a full rcharge overnight, then store in a sealedbag/wrap. As mentioned battery is a backup supply unit for the unit. Since we do not know age of unit, remember battery life is generally 1-2 yrs, usage rate is dependent on what device is in use--say DVD player will surely decrease battery life, likewise external components in use, etc.