G71 laptop won't start up

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G71 laptop won't start up

Hello.  I have a Toshiba G71-449WM laptop that is just over two years old.  It will not start up.  The symptom is:

- When the power button is pressed, no lights, no fan, and no screen activity.  The only indication of power at all is the light on the power jack where the AC Adapter connects to the laptop....that lights up for 6-7 seconds, then it goes out.   Pressing the power button while this light is on or off makes no difference.


I have tried the following:

- Removed the battery and tried powering up with AC only, battery only, and with both.....all with the same results stated above. 

- Replaced the AC Adapter with one I know works, and repeated the above steps.

- Tried a cold start, draining any residual power by pressing the power button for 1 minute with no AC and no battery.

- Reseated the memory and HD


Nothing I have tried makes any difference.  Does anyone know of other things to try, or is this likely a motherboard issue?  There were no problems leading up to this issue, just wouldn't turn on one day.





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Re: G71 laptop won't start up

Oops!  It's a HP laptop....not a Toshiba....sorry for the mistake.  I will close the inquiry.

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Re: G71 laptop won't start up

Good luck with your laptop, Ron.


If you end up shopping for a new one in the future, don't forget about Toshiba!

- Peter