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Even plugged in the battery shut the computer down.

I bought this M35x s109 used and the battery was, of course, bad.  However even when it is plugged into the wall the battery warning comes on and beeps regularly, then shuts itsself down.  Is this a common problem?  Will a new battery fix the problem.  I can understand that the battery might not charge but shouldn't the computer continue to work while plugged into the wall? 

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Re: Even plugged in the battery shut the computer down.

The computer should work when its just plugged into the AC adaptor. The battery does not need to be in the computer for it to work. In the case of an older computer, you would be better off with the battery out of the computer so it does not confuse the issue.


Remove all of the added hardware on the computer so that the only thing attached to the computer is the power adaptor and try again. If it still fails, see about getting your money back. Old M35Xs are very inexpensive to buy, but very expensive to fix. Check one of the online auction sites and you will be able to find old M35Xs for less than a $100.


Look around. You should be able to find a good, used laptop for a reasonable price. Just make sure it works before you hand over your money.

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Re: Even plugged in the battery shut the computer down.

Battery maybe the concern, as noted AC adapter should power unit BUT with the beeping sounds this is an alert notice that either memory, hard drive or motherboard component failure.  Possible you should have tried unit before purchase-which is always a good concept larrymac1 to consider. Take to local Service Center and pay for a diagnostic, possible a lot more issues maybe occurring hardware wise.  Know not much help but we cannot check the unit on line.