Consider Replacing your battery

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Consider Replacing your battery


I have a Satelittle A505-S69803 and after I formatted the pc and restored the computer to the original state. I keep getting this error message Consider replacing your battery and the battery really empties quick. I'm not sure what is wrong the battery is only 2 months old.


I tried upgrading bios but other then the download section im not sure where else to find newer updates.

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Re: Consider Replacing your battery

Try following the steps in this article.


You could also try this. Turn off your laptop, unplug all wires, remove the battery, and hold the power button for thirty seconds. Afterwards, reattach the battery and connections.


Just because the battery is new doesn't mean it's working. It could be faulty as well. If those two steps don't help, you might want to call customer support.

- Peter
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Re: Consider Replacing your battery

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I recommend to check battery settings under "change advance power settings".


Check if your "Low battery  action" setting is set to 'hybernate' or 'sleep' or 'shut down'?


On my laptop: There is battery icon at right bottom corner of my screen.

I click that battery icon.

Then these are the steps to follow:

More power options -> Change Plan settings -> Change advance power settings -> Battery ->


Then you will see these options:

Low battery  level

Low battery  action

Critical battery level

Critical battery action

Low battery  warning