Re: C655D-S5043 Will not boot up

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C655D-S5043 Will not boot up

My wife has a Toshiba C655D-S5043 Laptop.  I power it up and the Toshiba screen comes on then blinks off.  It is replaced by a blank screen with a cursor in the top left corner.  Then nothing happens.

I tried pressing the F12 key with no result.  I pressed the F2 key.  Again, no result.  I put a bootable disk in the

DVD/CD drive and started it up.  It seeked the disc but did not boot up.  I have checked the Hard Drive and it was fine.  A friend of mine thought it might be a dead CMOS battery.


Can anyone help me with this problem?  How do I get to the CMOS battery?

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Re: C655D-S5043 Will not boot up

To change the CMOS battery, the laptop would require servicing.


Turn off your laptop, unplug all wires, remove the battery, and hold the power button for thirty seconds. Afterwards, reattach the battery and connections.


If that doesn't fix it, you may want to consider a recovery? Recovering your laptop to its original, out-of-the-box state is a great way to eliminate software as a possible cause of the problem. Note that doing a system recovery will return the laptop to its default conditions, completely wiping your data. Information on how to perform a system recovery can be found in your user's guide. On most models, you can hold '0' (zero) while booting to initiate the procedure.

- Peter