Battery not charging while lapton is on

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Battery not charging while lapton is on



I have a Toshiba Satellite A-205 SP5820. Lately it won't charge while is on. If I turn it off or hibernate it, it charges normally but while is on the message "plugged and not charging appears". In addition, if I use it while is plugged in, the mouse and the mouse pad won't work correctly.


Any ideas?? I think it's obviously a software problem...



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Re: Battery not charging while lapton is on

Remove the battery; external devices for now please.  Observe if on power adapter alone the touchpad is operating normally? What you can do for the mice concern is go into Device Manager, deinstall mice, reboot andallow new hardware wizard to reset the driver.  Battery not charging: reset the Power Options to default, and let battery drain down to warning notice, unit off and let it full charge overnight. Battery life is short cycled so check their terminals on unit and battery, maybe replacement time.