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Battery light flashing, laptop won't boot?

My laptop recently did something weird - the screen shut off but I could still hear sounds. I held the power button in to turn it off. I try to turn it on since then and the first time I hit the power button, nothing happens. When hitting the button a 2nd time, the orange battery light flashes a few times and stops.


My cord is working, or was right before this - and my battery was semi-charged.


What is this and how do I fix it?

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Re: Battery light flashing, laptop won't boot?

What model# here please?  Could be a dead battery or sign of overheating, check the fan/exhaust port free of debris please.  Take battery out and learn if concern persists. If it works fine, battery relacement, if not then board or harddrive trouble.  Take to Authorized Service Provider for a diagnostic.