Battery doesn't fully charge

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Battery doesn't fully charge

I have a Tecra 3. Also, I have 5 different AC power supply's at 5 different locations and have 2 of the 12 cell batteries (PA3357U) as well as 2 of the smaller 6 cell batteries (all purchased from One of the larger 12 cell batteries, which I purchase about 2 years ago (and doubt if I used it more than a dozen times) fails to fully charge. But the weird thing is that it fails to fully charge with only one of the 5 AC power supply's. If I plug into the AC power supply at one of my offices, the bloody thing will fully charge, but won't at home. Also the other 12 cell (or for that matter any other battery) charges fully with all power supply's. The problem battery seems to charge up to about 56% and then stops chargeing (but only with the one AC adapter).

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Re: Battery doesn't fully charge

Check the power adapters at each location to ensure same series/model#, and do same for the batteries you have.  Best to let the batteries run down fully, let them recharge with no unit operation.  Check the adapters ensure their wiring is not crimped or overload on a power strip.  Since no full model# need to assist more effectively.