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Battery Issues

I have had a satellite A665-S6050 for about a year and a half now. Recently I noticed that if I used the laptop on battery I would not get the battery life expected. I realize this may be due to the fact that the battery could be coming to an end in it's life. However, after this decrease in life began I started noticing other issues. My computer would unexpectedly just shut off. I would not be able to turn the laptop back on without the AC adapter. These episodes got more and more frequent until I could no longer use the battery at all. I then puchased a new battery, charged it about 8hrs, and began using it. It worked correctly for about a day. ThenI began having issues where the battery life would only last about 10 to 15 minutes then unexpectedly shut off. I could not turn the computer back on unless I used the AC adapter. THe battery would show about 96% charge and would charge to 100% in about 5 minutes. That in itself seemed odd. But I still tried to use the bettery. Much to my dismay it still had issues with unexpected shut down. Intermittently I could get the battery to turn on without the AC adapter, but when I did so it would crackle and shut off. I discovered after some research I did not have the correct model battery, and returned it. I then purchased another battery of the correct model thinking this would solve my issues. Ureka, I was working normal. Or so I thought, until about 2 days after charging and using the battery llike normal, my issues were back. Randomly the computer will shut down unexpectedly on battery power. Sometimes it will turn back on with the battery and sometime it wont. Sometimes it will fully boot and sometimes it wont. Sometimes it will allow me to use the battery for about 5 minutes and sometimes it shuts off as soon as the AC adapter is unplugged. All of this is random. I have tried the following solutions:


1. powering off, unplugging everything, taking out the battery, holding the power key 30 sec, putting it all back together, starting on AC power, flashing the BIOS, and booting. This did not work. As soon as the AC adapter was removed it either worked 5 minutes and shut off or just shut off.

2. Updating the BIOS with no real results.

3. Removing the battery for about 30 minutes, replacing and trying to charge and use. This made no change to the issues.

4. Cleaning the contacts, blowing out the fan, and trying to boot with battery or AC adapte with no changes.


The only thing I have not tried yet is a cooling pad. My computer says I have a fully charged battery. It shows the blue LED that indicated a full charge and battery present. However, when I unplug the AC adapter I do not get an LED light. The LED is orange when it is charging, but I have not used enough of the battery lately for even this to happen.  I am on a satellite A665-S6050 running windows 7 home premium 64 bit version. I have even gone so far as to reload the system to factory settings to see if I was missing anything in the memory , BIOS, and other settings I would not touch with a 10 foot pole. This did not seem to make any difference. I am so fed up with this issue I am about to take this laptop for a long walk off a short pier. I travel alot with my computer and need the battery to work correctly. I have contacted support, but since out of warrenty they will not touch it. They tell me to contact a service center of which there is none within 2 plus hours from me. Could you please advise me on how to solve this issue before I spend needless money on more batteries and other hardware I may not need because I do not know what my issue really is. I am frustrated and seriously disappointed with my laptop and customer service. Please help me solve my issues before I go insane.

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Re: Battery Issues

Update on my battery issues. As time wears on htings are getting worse. My computer is intermittently not recognizing my battery. It shows up as an unknown device in device manager. I have to uninstall and scan for hardware changes to get it back. If I reboot then I lose the battery icon in the system tray and it comes up unknown device in the device manager. Also I can no longer get the battery to do anything when unplugged. I opened the back of the computer and blew out a bunch of dust and dog hair recently and since doing this my battery does nothing, and the issues mentioned above have started. Please please someone help me. 

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Re: Battery Issues

I am having the exact problem with my A505-S6980.  My original battery was not holding a charge and I got an error saying battery needed to be replaced.  After nearly 3 years of faithful service I could not complain. I could only use laptop on AC. So I bought a 12-cell battery and it worked great. I could unplug the computer and get about 6 or so hours of battery life.


I let the battery drain down before recharging several times.


New Battery is nearing three weeks of age. When I unplug it at full charge, I  have power for about 5 mintues then the computer shuts off completely. Not sleep or hibernate but a rough shut down. I have to plug back in and I get the bios message saying I didn't shut down directly.


Please advise.



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Re: A665-S6050 Battery Issues

I am having this exact same issue with my A665-s6050 running Windows 7. I thought it was the original battery causing the issue so I bought a new one but the random rebooting still occurred. The only way I found to work around the random reboot is to take the battery out and run on AC power only.


I updated the BIOS to 2.30 last night and thought the issue was fixed because the battery started charging and the laptop didn't reboot for several minutes. I checked this morning though and the problem is still happening.


Has anyone had any success in resolving this?