Battery - CMOS on Satellite M55-S329

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Battery - CMOS on Satellite M55-S329

Neither Toshiba, nor National Parts seem to be able to explain, verify or even provide a Part Number.

I'm trying to repair an M55-S329.

All the signs point to a dead CMOS / RTC Battery.  ( ie Clock resetting / slow boot / forgetting previously installed peripherals , etc etc etc )


All I want to know is

(a) What is the part number for the Replacement CMOS/RTC Battery for this Lap-Top

(b) Where can I get it ?


A real bonus would be a tear-down schematic for this model, but I'm sure I'm pushing my luck on this request !




T and NP have during various calls (a) Stated then denied the CMOS is soldered to the MoBo

(b) Tried to give me the PArt number for the main ( 6 Cell ) Battery !! (c) Tried to sell me a MoBo


Are we now at a stage where the Life of a LapTop is determined by the life of the RTCBattery ??



Greg Simmons

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Re: Battery - CMOS on Satellite M55-S329

Here is tear-down -


You have to remove motherboard to replace battery so find part number on old battery.

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Re: Battery - CMOS on Satellite M55-S329


Yes, I had seen this. Even enlarging the images; I don't see anything resembling the/a CMOS battery ?. - Guess I'll know better once I tear it down.

Am planning on waiting 'till I get confirmation of Battery part number until I start the tear down.

Thanks for the input.  Greg