Battery, AC Adapter, or Power-In Jack?

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Battery, AC Adapter, or Power-In Jack?

I have been experiencing the following symtoms and taken the following steps.  I am trying to establish whether my problem is with the battery, the AC Adapter, or the power-in jack.  Can someone please help?


Computer Model:  A35-S159


About 6 months ago, my computer would suddenly switch to battery power, even though it was plugged into the AC adapter.  Whenever I experienced this, I would toggle the AC adapter chord to make sure it was properly secured within the Power-In Jack.  That would alleviate the problem, but the problem would recur every few weeks or so.


About two weeks ago, my computer completely shut off while I was working, and I was unable to power it back on.  None of the power light indicators on the front of the computer would illuminate.  When I kept my power button pressed down to bypass the AC adapter and go directly to battery power, that would not work.  After reading some forum messages, I decided to remove the battery to see if it would run directly through the AC adapter.  It did not.


I then decided to order a replacement battery.  When it arrived, I inserted it and successfully powered up.  However, it was charged at only 50% and immediately started discharging.  I accessed the Toshiba Power Management panel to try to switch to charge/AC mode, but it would not allow me.  My best guess at this point was that the AC adapter was not working.  However, to test this, I unplugged it from my computer but not from the power outlet.  I pressed my tongue against the input jack to see if there was a charge, which there was.  Based on this, am I right to presume that the AC Adapter is operational, but the power-In jack on the computer is not?  Or, am I supposed to let this fresh battery discharge completely before it will allow itself to be re-charged?


I appreciate any and all insights.





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Re: Battery, AC Adapter, or Power-In Jack?

You did a bunch of self tests, and your last paragraphs sums it up, the motherboard/on board controller experiencing a problem.  Seems it would be okay to try a new battery recharge-if that can be achieved.  Best recommendation is to take to Authorized Service Provider for a diagnostic.  Worth it to gain sanity.