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Taking Windows 10 for a spin?

Drop in at our new Windows 10 Technical Preview message board. And while you're there be sure to let us know which Toshiba models you're running it on and share your experience.

New here and looking for help?

Before you post a message please read our message board tips and note the details about how to tell us which Toshiba product you have so we can best know how to help you.

Still need help?

Toshiba Premium Support is your 'go to' resource for an expansive set of system troubleshooting and comprehensive repair services, including accidental damage coverage.

If you're not one of the thousands who find the tips & answers they need here from the Toshiba Forums community every day, Toshiba Premium Support has your back.

Out-Of-Warranty and need a repair service?

Toshiba Repair Services can help.

See details here.

Windows 8.1 Support

Check out our Windows 8.1 message board and knowledge base articles.

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