volume controls on laptop keyboard

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volume controls on laptop keyboard

I have a toshiba satellite pro L870 series laptop. i have been able to use the volume controls at the top of the keyboard, (also the f_ buttons) without pressing the FN button. now i must press the FN button to make these controls operate. how do i lock in these controls ... is there a button much like the num lock button that i might have accidently pushed to deactivate the controls....?

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Re: volume controls on laptop keyboard

Always tell us which Satellite Pro L870 you have. There is a label on the bottom.


After we know that, we can look up things like the version of Windows.


I'll assume Windows 8 for now. In System Settings, there is a Keyboard tab with choices like these.


   Special function mode (Hold Fn first to use standard F1-F12 functions.)


   Standard F1-F12 mode (Hold Fn first to use special functions.)



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