very low sound new satellite L755-S5244

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very low sound new satellite L755-S5244

I have a problem with very low sound with my new satellite L755-S5244.  I even returned the first model back to the store and still have the same problem with the replacement model.  The internal speakers are way too quiet.  I have tried all the usual common fixes, volumne settings, control panel,  along with the suggestions on these boards and have uninstalled and reinstalled the sound drivers and updated the same.  I am left with the conclusion that the internal speakers are very poor quality.  I do like this computer very mucch otherwise.  But the speaker issue is not a small one to me.  I have plugged in four different types of external speakersand both gave some improvement.  But the volume was turned up to its max and it still was not completely audible for movies and such.

My 2 questions at this point:


  • 1)If I purchase a new hdtv to plug this computer into to watch netflix will the sound still be just as dependent on the computer speakers as were the external speakers i tried?
  • 2) Are there any good external speakers that would for sure remedy this problem?

Or maybe I should just give up on Toshiba?  I am very dissappointed because otherwise I do like this computer alot.


Thanks for any input!


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Re: very low sound new satellite L755-S5244

The TV should handle the volume level. Assuming the TV has speakers that go loud enough for you, it should be fine. I don't have any recommendations on speaker models.

- Peter