m305-s4910 driver update

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m305-s4910 driver update

i always check for driver updates but i can't seem to find the audio one. the only one i see is the toshiba one dated 8-13-09 Conexant Audio Driver. the reason im trying to update is because my other builds are able to record sound from speakers (what you hear). does this laptop have the same capabilities or no?

this laptop is using w7 hp 64, other builds vary from xp sp3 32, 64, and vista ultimate 64. i went to http://www.conexant.com/support to see if i could find an update but didnt know what to look for.

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Re: m305-s4910 driver update

I started a question and have a lot of discussion about "what you hear" recording.  I was told none of the Toshiba laptops have this feature, but some seem to have it.  Not resolved, still a question.  You can look at the following subject title:

"Does Qosmio X505 have "Stereo Mix""