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U305 - No audio but driver is installed



My audio problems with my Satellite U305-S5077 continue. The part number looks like PSU34U-DDL003. That "DD" after the dash might be 00. The OS is Vista Home Premium 32-bit.


I have had regular audio problems in the last few months, usually with the Realteck driver. I have done compete system reoveries a couple of times, returning the laptop to its out-of-box state. The last time I did this was about one month ago and I disabled updates after that so I know that no hardware updates have caused the latest problem.


Last week when I restarted the computer due to an unrelated problem, my audio was gone again and the "X" over the sound icon in the lower right was back, with a "no audio output device installed" message when I moused over it. However, Realtek audio driver showed as installed when I checked it in the device manager. When I checked the properties there, it said that the "hardware device is not connected" and shows a "code 45" error. I tried the "scan for hardware changes" and that yielded nothing. 


Than I tried a reset Miker643 gave me when I previously had driver problems. I powered off the system, unplugged everything, removed the battery, pressed and held down the power on button for 30 seconds, replaced the battery and AC, and powered on. The I pressed the 'F2' key to enter BIOS Setup, pressed 'F9' to load setup defaults, pressed 'F10' to save and exit, and the audio was back when it started. 


When I powered on this morning, the audio was gone again. The problem is the same as last time in that the driver is there in the device manager and I get the Code 45 error that the hardware is not connected. I tried that set in the paragraph above again and nothing changed. I've also tried system restore and a bunch of restarts. There have been no Windows updates, as those remain disabled. Can anyone please offer help? This is becoming exasperating.


Thank you.

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Re: U305 - No audio but driver is installed

Welcome to my nightmare.  I've had this problem for a year now!  I have done everything I can think of to try and fix this problem.  I am able to get my sound card to work 10% of the time and only by a random reboot.  Seems that Microsoft drivers ucerpt the Realtek drivers and cause problems with recognition and support of the sound card.

At my wits end...ARGH ! ! !

I've done a system restore, vista repair, I've updated drivers, I've rolled back the driver's, I've uninstalled and reinstalled the HD audio and the sound card.  Nothing "fixes" the problem.  Very, very frustrated.


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Re: U305 - No audio but driver is installed

Hi, I have a Satellite P200-AB3 laptop (which I cannot find in the list) with a Windows 7 update. My speakers work but I have no sound trying to watch youtube videos. Do I have a driver problem?