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Turning Off Web Cam Microphone

I have the Satellite L555 with Windows 7.

Yesterday, I configured my headphone/microphone for the speech recognition feature, but now the mic on the web cam stays on constantly. And if the volume is too loud, I get a feedback noise through them.

My question is how do I turn the mic on the web cam off. I did not have this problem until I set up my headphone/mic.


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Re: Turning Off Web Cam Microphone

Start by going to Control Panel and then Hardware and Sound,

from there go to Realtek HD Audio Manager,

also an easier way is just to type Realtek HD Audio Manager on

the search bar, there you have control

over all inputs and outputs.

Make sure you don't have your other microphone plugged in,

you will see a microphone tab, you can lower the volume for both

recording and playback or you can mute them, or just do one.

That should fix the problem.

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Re: Turning Off Web Cam Microphone

OK< where is this microphone tab?  I don't see it.