Toshiba Satellite a665 s5170 No bass sounds bad =(

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Toshiba Satellite a665 s5170 No bass sounds bad =(

I have recently reinstalled my os (Win7 ulti x64)

And downloaded all drivers but i noticed i dont have my Aduio manager back and my sound is flat no bass making it sound bad and it makes it less loud 2 please help me i really need my sound back i love music (:

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Re: Toshiba Satellite a665 s5170 No bass sounds bad =(

Satellite A665-S5170



Above is your downloads, specifications, user guide, etc, page.


I have recently reinstalled my os (Win7 ulti x64) And downloaded all drivers......


Due to your above statement, we have to assume that you did not use the Toshiba Recovery utility that was on your hard drive. You can read up on this starting on page 61 of your Satellite A660 Series User Guide. But, unfortunately, you have probably deleted this partition when you reinstalled Win 7 Ultimate 64bit.


You could have used the recovery partitition to reinstall your OS, which would have reloaded all Toshiba drivers and utilties in the correct order. Then, you could have just changed your OS product code to your new Win 7 Ultimate Product Code, which would have activated the Ultimate features, on the Win 7 Home Premium 64bit edition your system came with.


Update your Windows product key



I would strongly recommend obtaining a set of Toshiba Recovery Media, to rebuild your HDD in the above manner. This will also rebuild your recovery partition and make the process you are now going through much easier in the future.


Ordering Recovery Media



However, if you do not wish to do this, loading your 1st your drivers and 2nd your utilities in the correct order. In that case, download these files and double click to reinstall them in this order.


Intel Chipset SW Installation Utility


Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver


Intel Turbo Boost Technology Driver


Intel Display Driver



I am unsure of what sound card you have in your system. But, next, load the appropriate sound driver:


Realtek Audio Driver


nVidia HD Audio Driver



Toshiba laptops are notoriously finicky about using only the Toshiba supplied hardware drivers, otherwise weird things can and do happen.That's why I recommend changing Windows Update to only allow manual updates. When you check for updates, never let Windows Update change any of your Toshiba supplied hardware drivers. Click on 'Start - All Programs -Windows Update', on the menu at left click on 'Change settings', under 'Important updates' click on the drop down menu at right, select 'Never check for updates (not recommended)' and click 'OK'.


Regardless, the order of loading of drivers and Toshiba utilities is critical.


For drivers, generally you want to load:

1) Chipset related

2) Display

3) Sound

4) then all other drivers


For Toshiba utilities/software

1) Toshiba Value Added Package (TVAP)

2) Toshiba Flash Card Utility (sometimes included in the above)

3) then all other Toshiba utilities and software



Again, I would still recommend getting a set of Toshiba Recovery disks. But, if you choose not to, in future system rebuilds with your Win 7 Ultimate disk, follow these dierctions and use this utility:


How to Custom Install Windows 7 and add Toshiba-provided drivers & utilities with the Toshiba Softwa...


Toshiba Software Installer for Windows 7



Please let us know how it works out.  Good luck.