Tecra M5 S5331 Device Installed, Enabled, & No Sound

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Tecra M5 S5331 Device Installed, Enabled, & No Sound

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i have poured over these forums & countless others trying everything, even the little volume dial i was about to pull on it with a friggen wrench....


* uninstall & reinstall drivers, the original ones provided by toshiba, through the automated installed process and by uninstalling driver and just pointing to the required .SYS file through the hardware install wizard. then countless ones from all over. If it has anything to do with sigmatel, i gave it a shot

* uninstalled and reinstalled the KB888111 or whatever hotfixes that allow for mobo to see card.

* reinstalled windows from a legit copy of Xp w/ SP2 (do no have install CD's this was a craigslist budget rescure)

* Updated the BIOS through the windows utility provided on the site

* Changing the Audio codecs by using K-Lite Codec Pack, in hopes for some bizzare reason a fresh install didnt have everything needed

* Used the unmute fix that is provided incase you loose sound when you update from XP to Vista (i figured hey why not at this point)

* Checked the BIOS for a setting somewhere that would effect the sound...


*** Additional Points ***

: When in the BIOS i found it odd that the board wouldnt let out a beep when i was pressing to many keys at once. I have read that that is only an on board lil speaker & has nothing to do with the actual sound working, still odd :

: I read somewhere that there is a specific step by step manner in whcih drivers, hotfixes & everything else needs to be installed. Is that true? If so anyone can provide a link for what maybe the last option i have and the 3rd time i reinstall windows! :


So with every re boot i see that little speaker icon, in the system tray, mocking me, because if it was laughing at me, i would have sound and wouldnt care. I have already gone to ebay and purchased USB Audio Card as final back up solution which blows but i believe that will give me sound...


any and all help would be appreciated!