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Static noise on boot up only on my satellite L775

When I boot up my laptop and also when I close the lid then come back later and open it I get a static noise only out of my left speaker. I called the support line twice and redownloaded the device driver for the realtek sound and I also ran another procedure of disabling and reabling the realtek audio. I tried turning off the Dolby audio enhancement to see if that was the issue then I tried muting my microphone as well. It doesn't make the noise when I play music, games, videos or anything else only when I boot or awaken my laptop.


Please someone enlighten me on what the issue is. My laptop is only 30 days old.

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Re: Static noise on boot up only on my satellite L775

What's your full model number? "L775" is only partial. It should be on a label on the bottom of the laptop.


When you  told support that their suggestions didn't work, what did they tell you next?

- Peter