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Sound coming from both headphones and speakers on Satellite L505D-S5992

I've had my Satellite L505D-S5992 for over a year now, (I received it in November 2009), and since about December 2010, there has been a problemw with my audio. When I play sounds while I have my headphones on, I can hear through my headphones and my internal laptop speakers at the same time. I think something is wrong with the audio jack, but I am not too sure. My warranty expired back in November 2010, but do you think this would be an easy fix? Or would I have to get the whole motherboard replaced in order to fix this problem?

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Re: Sound coming from both headphones and speakers on Satellite L505D-S5992

When you plug your earphones/headphones in do you get a Realtek pop-up to choose your device?

( looks a little something like this )


Choose "Headphones" and it should work.

The reason why it would be coming out of both the headphones and speakers is because it would be set as "Line out"

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Re: Sound coming from both headphones and speakers on Satellite L505D-S5992

I have the exact same problem, which started just recently. I have a Satellite P505-S8980 with Windows 7. My speakers are not Realtek, but are Conexant Pebble High Definition Audio. I tried to update the driver, but it tells me the driver is current (v Up until just recently, when headphones were plugged into the jack, sounds played only over the headphones. Now sounds play over both headphones and speakers at the same time. Troubleshooting took me to SmartAudio where I found I had the choice of "Classic" or "Multistream". Classic is supposed to play sound only over the headphones when plugged in. I have tried selecting both options. In Classic the sound still plays over both. In Multistream there is no sound over the headphones when you push the left/red button, but there is sound over the speakers when you click the right/blue button. Moreover, when I click back on the Classic option, the headphones no longer have sound until I reboot the computer. Also, I have not yet found anywhere that specifically addresses headphones (under "Smart Audio" or "Sound" from Control Panel). I have just  started to troubleshoot this recent occurrence. I don't know exactly when this started, and don't know of any "event" that might have caused it. I don't believe I have installed any new programs or updates, except for normal Windows updates. If you can help me or point me in another direction to solve this issue, I will be grateful. My ultimate goal is that when headphones are plugged in, the speakers will not be working. Thanks.