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No sound from headphone Realtek audio in windows 8.1

I have a Toshiba sattelite p745-s4217 laptop, with 6GB Ram and 500 GB disk space. I upgraded my windows 7 to windows 8.1, 
my problem is I can not get any sound from my headphones, or external speakers, the sound just stopped working after I installed some updates .
I did install the latest Realtek audio driver for windows 8 64bit on Toshiba's website, but it didnt do anything.
I did try uninstalling the realtek device in device manager, it does NOT help.
I could make it work only once by going to safe mode and installing the realtek driver, there but after a couple of restarting the problem came back and again I have no sound in my headphone.I tried to go to safemode again and unistall the dumb realtek driver and installing it again , but this time didnt get any sound back like last time.
I have tried many things, for example installing the realtek driver in windows 7 Compatibility mode, or installing it as administrator.
nothing helps. it is extremely frustrating, I wish I had never upgraded to windows 8, I don't know what else to do,
please do not offend me by telling me to check the Volume in playback devices, because I have tried all of those things in the Microsfot community, it seems like nobody knows here how to fix this problem, I have full sound in ubuntu without any problem in both laptop speaker and headphone.
I have other problems btw too (but I dont care about them right now so I dont seek help for them here), here are list of other problems windows 8.1 gave to my laptop.
1-since I upgraded to windows 8.1, my wifi drops every 5 minute, so I have to use ethernet cable 
2- my laptop over heats every 20 minutes and restarts, while I have nothing opened but netflix. really frustrating.
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Re: No sound from headphone Realtek audio in windows 8.1

Did you follow  these instructions to upgrade to Windows 8.1?


How to Update from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 Document ID: 4003162 Posted Date: 2013-09-08


If not, try installing all updates available from Toshiba Service Station and Windows Update, uninstalling all items from Appendix A (which includes any Realtek audio drivers), and then installing all available updates from Toshiba Service Station and Windows Update once more.

- Peter
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Re: No sound from headphone Realtek audio in windows 8.1

with all due respect, I think the problem is the toshiba dirvers, anytime I fix the probolem, and then try to install the toshiba's anything on the site, the whole systems fails on many things, sound, over heat,wifi...keyboard , usb