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Lost sound on my Laptop

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Hey guys,


I lost sound on my laptop.  I was trying to upgrade my computer so I could start taking online classes.  I have a Toshiba Satellite M115-S1064.  I installed a new screen, a new keyboard, upgraded to 2 gigs of ram, installed a newer faster and much larger hardrive and installed Windows 7 on it and haven't had sound since. Researching I have found that my laptop was built before 2007 and doesn't support Windows 7.  It is all running great other than the loss of sound.  Anyone have an idea of what I can do?  New drivers, new sound card or what, upgrade bios?  Would appreciate any assistance.  Online classes wont do me any good without sound.






I installed 32 bit version.

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Re: Lost sound on my Laptop

Never mind guys, I found a Realtek driver to download that is a month old and my sound is doing great now.