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I deleted my audio output device

Hi I really need help. I was on my brothers laptop and I deleted his audio output an I have no idea what to do? There is a red x on the speaker on the bottom right corner an when you put the mouse on it it says 'no audio output device is installed' iv looked all over the internet to try an fix this problem. I really don't no what to do please help Smiley Sad

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Re: I deleted my audio output device

Which computer model? Which Windows?


Please be specific.

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Re: I deleted my audio output device

This Is Exactly What Happened To Me, Except Its My Dad's Laptop That I Use. I Accidently Deleted Sound Off Laptop When Trying To Figure Out How To Turn Some Random Ads That Were Playing, But There Were No Audio Ads On The Sites I Was On...It Was Like They Were Connected To The Desktop Or Something. How Do I Get A Sound Device Back On My Dad's Laptop Before My Parents Come Home From Pennsylvania On Wednesday. My Dad's Toshiba Is A Satellite A215-S4807 and its a Vista. I can't go into any drivers because my dad has a password required, plus I'm not really good about figuring about how to work computers, except for email and facebook. Please help me ASAP.