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How to turn off button beeps above the keyboard?

I have a satellite A500 13F vista and above the keyboard are very useful keys such as volume up/down, play/pause and few other things. its a great thing cause then I dont have to sacrifice and remap other keys. the issue is that they beep everytime you press them and its very annoying. is there any way to turn the beeps off? I already tried turning off the sounds in control panel > sounds, but it seems that these sounds are separated. I know they beep cause they arent like usual buttons that you can feel, they work on a sensor, I had no idea they were there until I turned the laptop on and keys became illuminated.

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Re: How to turn off button beeps above the keyboard?

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Satellite A500-13F


Probably, you can disable the function-button beep in the BIOS.


See p. 164 in this User's Guide (which is for American machines).


   Satellite A500 Series User's Guide