Re: best Android App killer ?

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best Android App killer ?

I'm new to Android OS - when I run an APP and am thru with it, is there an easy way to KILL IT, like I can with my iPhone or iPad ?


I wind up with maybe 15 apps running, and finally end up restarting the thrive to kill some of the previously used apps.

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Re: best Android App killer ?

None are good.  The app list is just that, an app list.  It shows the apps you have accessed, not what apps are running.  Android does a great job of memory management and you should allow it to do its job.  An app killer can be good if you get a rogue app and need to kill it, but it should not be used to close an app.  There are three proper ways to close an app.


1.  The app has a button to close it.

2.  The app mase a menu selection to close it.

3.  Using the back button untill it closes.


Now, the home button can keep an app in memory, but unless it is setup to run in the background, it will not take any additional services.  Android uses priorities and memory threasholds to close apps when it needs to.  Also, in most cases, using an app killer will actually lessen your batter time.  this isbecause Android tries to anticipate what the use will need.  So, it will load apps in the background.  This does not mean they are running, just loaded into memory and ready to go.  If you force close them, Android in most cases will relaunch it.  Each time it is launched, the battery will take a hit.  So bottom line, allow Android to manage the memory usage.

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Re: best Android App killer ?

Thank you - that's very helpful.

I have been looking for books on the Android OS (for users) but most appear to be focused on application development. I appreciate the info.

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Re: best Android App killer ?

I recently downloaded "Norton Utility"


Works well and has a Widget too.


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Re: best Android App killer ?

On my Excite, I use "Active Apps".. it only lists apps that are actually resident in memory... it also contains a memory unloader that removes memory usage of programs you are no longer using.


It has not messed up my Excite yet.

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Re: best Android App killer ?

I think best app killer is siri.It makes my life so easy and it's a application which is time consuming..