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Folio Android-Market

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Hi, I've read that Folio specific board were closed/removed - and I think - after searching for answer - that my question is best suited to be placed in this category.


As everyone knows Folio comes without Android Market - and only option is by rooting, and here is my question: is there any official rooting tool or ready APK for installing Android Market (considering as it was with Thrive fastboot patch). While new version are supposed to work on non-rooted devices (as story tells) - it seems it all fails due to stripped system version (synchronization framework missing? That would explain lack of calendar): which requires installing those components into system/app administrator restricted directory.


Em concerned that using 3rd party tool would violate warranty - even though not having in mind anything else than installing Android Market and required by its components. Otherwise does anyone know how to contact Toshiba Europe (Poland) to officially resolve this question? Thanks for support & I apologize if I did any faux paus by writing here (1st post on Toshiba forums)


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Re: Folio Android-Market

I don't see a tablet forum, but perhaps asking in the General category on the following forum would get an answer:



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Re: Folio Android-Market

Yes I already know,


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Re: Folio Android-Market

Hello all, I am new here... I need some help in Androin application development.