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Touch Screen Protectors

Does anybody know if your should use a screen protector for my all in one touch screen or is it pretty durable. Id hate to scratch it up

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Re: Touch Screen Protectors

Keep in mind this is all my personal opinion, but I don't think I'd worry about. With my handheld electronics, I get pretty protective and use screen protectors (and full skins, usually), but I don't imagine the desktop's screen getting as much activity. Of course, you're also not sliding it into your pocket all the time.


I checked Toshiba Direct, and I didn't see any screen protectors for the AIOs there either, which is a good sign I think.


I don't really recall seeing scratches on public touchscreens (grocery store self-checkout for example), and those are even used by people who don't care about the screen.

- Peter
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Re: Touch Screen Protectors

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Screen Protectors keep personal Touch Screens and Rugged Monitors looking like new. Anti-Glare coating; easy installation and removal.