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Quick Question on New All in One Destop


I am awaiting delivery on my All in One Desktop and I had ordered additional memory and also the Windows upgrade.   when I get the desktop should I install the additional memory before I power up for the first time? And

once I do power up and complete the windows setup should I immediately upgrade or perform any other task

before I do that step?  Any guidance wpuld be appreciated.



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Re: Quick Question on New All in One Destop

I don't think it matters too much, but I would boot first without making any changes. This ensures you that the computer is working fine. Then, add the memory.


I can't think of anything you'd need to do before performing the Windows upgrade. If anyone else knows of anything, hopefully they'll contribute.

- Peter
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Re: Quick Question on New All in One Destop


Use the pcdescrapifier to remove all the OEM crap and then install brand new toshiba uttilities from toshiba site for your desktop.


Use registry cleaner after removing all the OEM crap.


uninstall your graphics driver then install latest intel graphics driver.


Intel graphics are crap at best especially on a desktop.

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