Adding memory to all-in-ones--Reconsider

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Adding memory to all-in-ones--Reconsider

One of the suggested accessories to these computers is a 4GB memory card, to expand the existing 4GB of memory. Hey, that's neat! Buy the card and double the memory! Not so fast. Here's the thing: there are (only) two available slots for memory cards. Each contains a 2GB card. So, to add a 4GB card, you must REMOVE a 2GB card, which now becomes good for nothing. So you're only gaining an extra 2GB, bringing your total up to 6GB. Thank you, Toshiba, for hogging up both slots. You could have populated slot A with a 4GB card in the first place, making things easier for your valued customers. (I'm returning the 4GB card I just bought.)

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Re: Adding memory to all-in-ones--Reconsider

How did you get the case open in hte first place?  I have a PX35T-AST2G01 and cannot for the life of me figure out how to get it open.  A link to instructions would be awesome...